Can You Take Tea and Coffee in Hand Luggage?

Are you jetting off on a much-needed holiday or business trip, but can’t bear the thought of being without your daily cups of tea or coffee? Fear not, as we delve into the world of hand luggage and explore whether you can take your beloved beverages with you.

Can You Take Tea and Coffee in Hand Luggage?

For many of us, tea and coffee are essential parts of our daily routines. Whether it’s a strong cup of coffee to kickstart the morning or a soothing cup of tea before bed, these hot drinks have become ingrained in our lives.

But when it comes to packing for a trip, it’s easy to get confused about what is and isn’t allowed in your hand luggage. So let’s dive into the rules and regulations surrounding taking tea and coffee with you on your travels.

Can You Take Tea and Coffee in Hand Luggage?

Let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of packing beverages in your hand luggage. As you know, airlines have carry on regulations that must be followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight for all passengers. TSA restrictions may also apply, so it’s important to stay informed before you pack.

When it comes to beverages permitted in your hand luggage, water and other non-alcoholic drinks are usually allowed, as long as they are in reusable containers that can be sealed tightly. Packing tips include placing these items in a clear plastic bag for easy inspection at security checkpoints.

Now, let’s transition into an important topic: liquids in hand luggage.

Liquids In Hand Luggage

Now that we know about airline policies on hand luggage, let’s talk about liquids.

When it comes to beverages, you can bring them in your carry-on as long as they are in portable containers of 3.4 ounces or less. However, if you’re bringing a reusable mug for coffee or tea, make sure it’s empty before going through security. You can always fill it up on the other side.

If you’re planning on making your own beverage during the flight, such as instant coffee or tea bags, pack them in a baggie bag for easy access and to prevent spills. Alternatively, thermos flasks are also allowed as long as they fit within your carry-on size limits. Just remember that all liquids must be screened at the security checkpoint and placed in a clear plastic bag for inspection.

As we prepare for security checkpoints, it’s important to note that beverage preparation items such as kettles and immersion heaters are not allowed in hand luggage. Make sure to double-check your bags before heading to the airport and remove any prohibited items.

Additionally, keep in mind that all electronic devices larger than a cell phone must be removed from your carry-on and placed in a separate bin for screening. By following these guidelines, we can ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

Preparing For Security Checkpoints

Now that you’ve packed efficiently for your trip, it’s time to prepare for the security checkpoint. Remember that airport security rules may vary depending on your destination, so make sure to research beforehand. If you’re traveling with children, be sure to pack any necessary items such as diapers, formula, or snacks.

When it comes to carry on items, keep in mind that there are restrictions on liquids and gels. According to TSA regulations, liquids must be in containers no larger than 3.4 ounces and stored in a clear plastic bag. This includes beverages such as tea and coffee.

If you have food restrictions or prefer not to purchase drinks at the airport, consider alternatives such as water bottles or pre-packaged juice boxes.

Alternatives To Tea And Coffee

As much as we all love our tea and coffee, sometimes it’s just not practical to bring them on board a flight. But fear not, there are plenty of alternatives to keep you hydrated and satisfied during your journey.

One option is to pack non-caffeinated drinks such as herbal teas or fruit-infused water in your carry-on. These can be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on your preference. To keep them at the perfect temperature, invest in a thermal mug or reusable bottle that can be refilled throughout your trip.

If you do find yourself craving a warm cuppa or in-flight coffee, don’t worry – most airlines offer these beverages as part of their in-flight service. However, it’s worth noting that the quality may vary depending on the airline and flight duration.

If you’re particularly picky about your brews, consider bringing your own tea bags or instant coffee sachets to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Remember, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for convenience when it comes to beverages during air travel. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can enjoy a refreshing drink without any hassle. So sit back, relax and sip away – your journey awaits!


In conclusion, it’s always best to check with your airline’s policies before packing any liquids in your hand luggage.

While tea and coffee are allowed in hand luggage, they must comply with the liquid restrictions set by the TSA.

It’s important to note that while you can bring a reusable cup or thermos, it must be empty and may be subject to additional screening.

When preparing for security checkpoints, make sure to pack all of your liquids in a clear plastic bag and place them at the top of your carry-on bag for easy access during the screening process.

Additionally, make sure to remove any electronic devices larger than a cell phone and place them in a separate bin.

If you’re unable to bring tea or coffee in your hand luggage due to liquid restrictions, there are alternatives available.

Consider purchasing hot beverages after passing through security or bringing along tea bags or instant coffee packets to make on board using hot water from the flight attendant.

Ultimately, planning ahead and checking with airline policies will ensure a smooth travel experience.

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